• We Stand Up For Renewable Energy Energy generation by renewable energy resources is supported by our corporation. We mastered on mapping, allocation & eminent domain processes of WPP and HPP projects.

  • Energy Is A Must We make out the energy need of our developing & fast growing country and besides, we are set all the time for creating base maps for all sorts of energy investments, allocation & eminent domain processes and road projects.

  • We Demand Contemporary Urbanization We are doing our part with pleasure to build modern cities conformable with regulations and needs of present day.

  • Seas Don't Shackle Us We are always on sailors' side for bathymetric and oceanographic operations performed on our shores which is needed for modern marine structures.

  • Our Mines Are Precious We assist the miners that unearth our sunlight-craving wealths with base & extraction maps.

                 AY–ER Mapping LLC, established in 1998 and operating domestical & overseas, offers:
 - Basic Mapping Services (Zoning Applications, Base Maps, Strip Maps, Eminent Domain Maps)
 - Services during road projects
 - Services on Energy Sector (WPPs, HPPs & NGCCs)
 - Services on Construction Sector (Applications, Levelling, Dimensional Drawing, Infrastructure Maps)
 - Services on Mining Sector (Surface Mining Extraction Maps, Reserve & Pickling calculations)
 - Services on Bathymetric measurements (Sea, Lake, Dam & River ground maps, Water surface & underwater coordinate detections, Naval construction measurements & monitoring services)
 - Services on Precise Measurements (Deformation measurements).

              By identifying bathymetric and geodesic needs of the present day, our corporation set up its formation and technical infrastructure, included latest technological products on the organization and keeps up with technological advancements. AY-ER carries on its activities without concessions on its accurate, economical and fastest delivery policy by practicing on latest technology.